Nurys De Oleo

Affectionately known as "La Alcaldesa," Nurys de Oleo, originally from La Romana, has served for decades as a indefatigable advocate, public servant and champion for social justice and the rights of immigrants, women, and all in underserved communities.


"It has always been in my nature to help," she explains. "I want to grow our community to reach its full potential, to develop new leaders and to build a strong foundation for success."


After acquiring a law degree in the Dominican Republic, De Oleo moved to New York in 1982 and established a successful career as a pioneering small business owner, providing travel and consulting services to a burgeoning immigrant Dominican and Dominican-American community.


As she raised her two young daughters, she took on posts at the Dominican Consulate, helped found and develop various industry and trade organizations, and mentored countless young women and men in social service and electoral career paths. 


For over a decade, De Oleo served as the Executive Director of the Northern Manhattan Coalition for Economic Development (NMCED), a dynamic non-profit service organization focused on creating workforce development and readiness with ESL, small business training, and technology courses for residents, while also overseeing capacity building, cultural programming and youth employment. 


In addition, De Oleo has devoted over 15 years aiding children in need in the Dominican Republic, spearheading the all-volunteer, non-profit Dominicanos Pro-Ayuda a la Ninez, which supports grassroots anti-poverty efforts throughout the country.


De Oleo served as Senior Advisor to State Senator Adriano Espaillat, recently elected as the first member of Congress of Dominican heritage. She is currently a Senior Advisor to State Senator Marisol Alcántara, who is the first woman of Dominican descent to serve in the New York State Senate. De Oleo has also recently joined with community and business leaders, artists and community members to lead local presentations on the environment and the pressing need for conservation.


She has been recognized by the sovereign government of the Dominican Republic; the New York State Governor and legislature; the New York City Council and the Office of the Mayor, among others. For her, it has been an honor to dedicate her time and effort in ensuring the successful election of the four current elected officials representing the Dominican enclave in Upper Manhattan.


"Our efforts have to continue," says De Oleo. "We have to press forward to educate our youth, empower our community, and work together towards real justice."


The proud mother and grandmother lives in New York City.