Liliana Ayende

Liliana Ayende is currently the weather anchor for “Noticias Univision 41 a las 6 pm y a las 11 pm” (Univision 41 News at 6 pm and 11 pm). Liliana was born in New Jersey and raised in Puerto Rico. Her parents are from Puerto Rico and Cuba. At 15, due to her high GPA score, she was offered to skip her senior year and advance to obtain her diploma through summer studies. At the same time she was taking voice over and radio training with the well-known Marianito Artau.  She went on to start college at 16, graduating from Sacred Heart University with a BA in communications, specializing in television production and journalism. She later pursued her MBA in Clinical Psychology, which was interrupted when she accepted a radio job offer in Philadelphia years later.


Her first job in Puerto Rico was at 17 at WAPA Radio - a News radio station. She was in charge of collecting reporter audios and perform sound/script editing. At 21, she moved on to work at Angelo Medina Productions, who were in charge of the musical careers of Ricky Martin, Robby Draco Rosa, Glen Monroig among others. In the meantime, Liliana kept on with her dance training and became a back up dancer in Puerto Rico, Perú, México and Dominican Republic, for artists like Basilio, Belkis Concepción, Ednita Nazario and others.


At 24, she became part of the on-air team of 94.7FM while also working as a TV personality at Channel 4, in an entertainment show along with Giselle Blondet. Two years later, she was offered to host her own entertainment show on Channel 24. In 1999, Liliana moved to Pennsylvania to be part of the first FM Spanish-language radio station in the state. Even when it was hard and uncertain for her to leave her family behind, she moved to the US and made it a personal goal to learn English as soon as possible.


Her formal music, dance and theater education opened the doors for her to become the Youngest Member of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra Board, to participate in TV soap operas and comedies, participated  in Cabaret, (in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic), JesusChrist Superstar along with Olga Tañón, Domingo Quiñones & Michael Stuart, The Cat with Boots, Captain Planet along with current Hollywood actor Amaury Nolasco and in 2003 while residing in New York, she was cast one more time for Cabaret as “Texas”, this time in English and Off Broadway with a New York Theater company. Eventually, after traveling the world as a back-up dancer/chorus, she has been dedicating herself to ballroom dancing until this day.


In 2003, she became an on-air talent for 105.9 FM Univision Radio in New York.  In 2004, she was recognized by the ACE Awards as a Radio Personality of the Year. Latina Magazine also featured her as one of the Top 4 radio personalities in the US.  Liliana’s dedication to the voice over industry granted her the opportunity to showcase her voice for brands like Bank of America, News 13 Florida, AT&T, Chrysler, Chase, Expedia (Europe) Western Union, iPad Learning Applications, American Cancer Society, Planned Parenthood, Medco, Scotiabank and American Express among others. In 2006, she founded TransVoice Services LLC, a company that specializes in Spanish Voice Overs and translations and now serves clients all over the world.


In 2007,  Liliana became news anchor for Caribevision - Channel 24 New York. In 2009, she began working with WXTV Univision  41 in New York as a back-up weather anchor for the 6pm and 11pm newscasts. Liliana is an avid Bikram yoga practitioner and runner. In April 2013, she is launched the blog LaVidaZen where she writes about simplicity, minimalism and tips on how to live a more meaningful life, living with less, and focusing on the essential. She currently resides in New Jersey.