Carla Pinza

Carla Pinza is a native-born Bronx New Yorker.  Her contributions to the community cross New York State and the world of entertainment spanning her early years as a nine - year-old professionally trained child actor, followed by her early teen years as a ballet dancer, a singer with a recording hit and actress/writer in children’s theater and television.  As a child, Carla Pinza, though professionally trained, was an active member of after-school community arts programs. Those programs, along with her secret love - the neighborhood library - and museums where she enjoyed getting lost, as she traveled to foreign lands, with each book she read and each painting and statue she admired and investigated, sparked her creativity! It was no wonder that at an early age in school, Carla Pinza was invited to attend the Hunter College School for especially bright children. 


Carla Pinza's book “Ziggy’s Mundo” and her play “Shakespeare Give Us a Clue” (for which she also wrote the music and lyrics), she confesses were undoubtedly inspired by her reading and writing while visiting the public institutions offered by the City of New York.  This coupled with her joyful trips to City Island, Orchard Beach, Palm Bay Park and the Island of Puerto Rico served as inspiration. She became fascinated with the world of birds, mainly the seagulls of City Island that she writes about. Pinza’s, ultimate goal as author of the book “Ziggy’s Mundo” and her musical play “Shakespeare Give Us A Clue” is to inspire, and encourage children/students, to read and write - as they, like the main characters in Carla’s stories, are determined to explore the mysteries of our planets and of the world around them.


Carla states that like her, the students/children also "have a burning curiosity for the life that surrounds them. They should feel free to write whether it provokes Anger, Sadness, Humor or just plain Fantasy. They too have a story to tell! The purpose of Carla’s writing is to inspire and encourage the students to read and write!  Carla Pinza, as actress, producer, author, director, journalist, trail blazer and child activist is the founder of the children’s performing arts organization, Luminous Visions Inc. which not only assists needy children of all cultural backgrounds, but also includes children with life threatening conditions. Carla is also credited for creating The Puerto Rican Bi-lingual Theatre at Henry Street Settlement–the first theatre organization on the East coast to present Spanish theatre in the English language.


There was no stopping Carla Pinza. She was on a roll. Next on her agenda was the Latino Playwrights Organization, which she lead, and co-founded, with actor Raul Julia. She had faith and believe that this new organization would bring hope and change to many. The Latino Playwrights opened the doors for the writers and actors of Hispanic background in the English language.  While creating a data base with facts and figures of the Latino’s buying power in the US and throughout the world. The Latino Playwrights sparked a Hispanic explosion in the US entertainment industry. Inherited by many, the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria, Antoino Banderas, Rosario Dawson, topped off  with the genius, of Lin Manual Miranda’s record breaking box-office Broadway success of his musical “Hamilton”. The Latino Playwrights opened the doors for writers and actors of Hispanic background in the English language throughout the United States and Latin America. To Quote Carla, that was our mission, now it’s time to move on and help to protect the children.   


Carla Pinza, has received, numerous awards among them a New York State Proclamation for her achievements and contributions (this information sits in the NYS archives in Albany  for future generations to review). Most recently, Carla received the Raul Julia Award from The Hope for Families & Children Foundation, Inc. in June 14, 2017.


To Quote Carla, this is a call to humanity, to wake up, inspire, guide protect and cherish our children, the children of our planet! In whatever Way You Know How!