About Us

The Hope for Families and Children Foundation, Inc. is a not-profit 501(c) 3 charity Institution. Founded in 1989, our mission is to serve as the title holding corporation for capital assets and raise funds to sustain the Puerto Rican Family Institute’s goals of helping communities in need and changing lives. The Foundation has a strong belief in the potential of people of all races and ethnic backgrounds to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Through its fund development efforts the Foundation ensures that the programs of the Puerto Rican Family Institute continue to meet present and future community needs.


Puerto Rican Famility Institute, Inc. Human Services System

The Institute, founded in 1960, is a private, not for profit, multiservice human service organization. It provides culturally and linguistically sensitive services to families and children of all races and ethnic backgrounds in New York and Puerto Rico. For more information visit www.prfiorg.com